terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

Os Dois Lobos

Um velho sábio índio da tribo Cherokee ensinava seus netos sobre a vida...

Ele dizia aos pequenos: "Uma grande luta está sendo travada nesse exato instante dentro de mim. É uma luta terrível entre dois lobos".

"Um dos lobos é mau - ele é medo, raiva, inveja, decepção, arrependimento, ganância, arrogância, auto-piedade, culpa, ressentimento, complexo de inferioridade, mentiras, orgulho, senso de superioridade e ego."

"O outro lobo é bom - ele é alegria, paz, amor, esperança, bondade, serenidade, humildade, benevolência, amizade, empatia, generosidade, verdade, compaixão e fé. Esta mesma luta está sendo travada dentro de cada um de vocês e dentro de todas as outras pessoas também."

As crianças refletiram sobre o que ouviram durante alguns minutos e, então, um deles perguntou seu avô:

"Mas qual lobo vencerá a luta?"

E o bom velho respondeu apenas: "Aquele que vocês alimentarem".

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Anônimo disse...

my soul is eternal for what? whatfor?

Vivi disse...

That which has always been (your soul), will continue to always be. The reasons for this are utterly incomprehensible to me and you. But the evidence of our souls being eternal is all around us - or better yet: inside of all of us.

Think about it... :)

Vivi disse...

Hello, Mary.

It's about 7:30 pm here where I live now. I'm browsing some very interesting sites on the Internet and thought I might share them with you.

They both deal with reincarnation and one has a note about reincarnation after suicides. I thought you might like to read it.



Vivi disse...

"The law of karma demands that we meet every bit of our karmic debts. However, an even greater law exists, the law of forgiveness. If we wrong someone and that person forgives us, when the day comes that we approach God, we realize our memories which are incompatible with God, but forgiveness removes the barrier of separation. The law is so precise (what one gives one receives; no exceptions) that if we begin forgiving others, we begin to receive forgiveness upon ourselves. Unless, of course, we refuse to forgive ourselves."

(Edgar Cayce)

Anônimo disse...

there is someone ("that" someone) who puts so many search results about me in the net. i don't want him to do that. but he keeps on. i asked him to stop but he does not listen. then i said i don't care- just to protect myself, because if i care....i become vulnerable/hurtable. maybe he punishes me by doing that, because i once used to write him much because i wanted him to understand me.
what does that mean now? what do i have to do? i said i don't like it, already. he won't listen. he frightens me a bit. what would u do now? i would stay in bed and hide myself. or become indifferent. is there another way?

Vivi disse...

Hmm, I don't understand what you mean by "search results." Does he post private information about you? Or does he search online for information about you and your life?

PS: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. For some reason my G-mail stopped sending me alerts when people post a comment here...

Anônimo disse...

aaah,i got the answer. probably i should print what u post. by the way i read and went on the sites u recommended. i need a pause from you. i mean a distance. (i guess u too) but when i come back, i will question u tons and tons of things.

Anônimo disse...

forget it, no he does not put private info ( he is strange, not stupid). i have no idea how he does that or why. first i have to inform myself about what u write here, and watch him. i was a bit paniced some hours ago. is turning better now.i sent u something already, where did it go?
i need a pause from you. i feel not enough informed. i come back, don't worry about me. and thank you. (now don't leave while i am gone, don't shut the site down, i like it here, don't go. please stay.)

Vivi disse...

OK, Mary. Don't panic, though. I've deleted a few posts for your privacy and mine as well. Especially after you told me about this person who's stalking you on the Net.

I'm not going to shut this site down, as, believe it or not, it is very therapeutic for me to write here. I'm glad many people visit these pages and seem to get some solace from them.

As for you, take as much time as you need.

But take care of yourself and come back soon, OK?

Bye for now. :)


Anônimo disse...

why? i thought you are okay now. aren't you?
no, that "someone" is not stalking. i don#t know what he is doing. but sure he is not interested in me anymore, if he ever was.
and the others who frighten me, say they only want to help me. though they know nothing about me and are sure of me being sexually abused.
to be honest: i read this jiddu.... very inspiring, the way he writes. i only read what is online. very strong. i like him somehow.
the real reason why i thought i should go very far away from you- for at least 1-2 weeks (which is childish i know) is because i have decided to only like "that someone" and only let him in my life if he ever wants to. and the rest has to be superficial.
but i like you too, though u are internet.
and even this is too much now. how handle so many people that wander in our lives. i have always been alone. its difficult. and "liking" someone truns very easy in loving. at least for me. i am always a bit extreme. if i like u , i make u to a nice sister of mine or maybe an aunt that i love, because i have no nice aunts. its my childish system.
and then: my sadness won't leave because i don't want to. because its the only way to stay in contact with my dead ones.

and then:
he is not putting anything private in the internet, but it makes me nervous that he is continouing this now- for a while. i have bought him so many things. i have them all with me, if i ever see him i have to give them to him, but it makes me nervous to love/like/need someone who is alive so very much. and is young. i am not used to it. and i can't explain it to him, i tried but it was all wrong.
do you think that he understood me and this is why he is continously on my net? or maybe its all in my head.
i just wanted to tell you. because i don't know how to put you into my system.
i give you a hug. one of those hugs where i don't want to stop hugging. i love to hug this way, like to a teddy. i know i am grown up, but inside of me i feel as i was when i was very little.

Anônimo disse...

Hi, Mary.

I'm here to apologize to you for my delay in answering your last post.

Right now I'm so exhausted physically that I don't feel I'm up to the task of even trying to advise you with anything.

So, I'm just here to say hi and to let you know that I'll be back soon, OK.

Take care, my friend.


Anônimo disse...

okay. you have to put some rosewater into water, that calms down. and if u need it put some sugar in it as well.
and if the weather is stormy and u are afraid of it, u have to turn radio and tv on, maximum volume. my mom and i we put make-up on to feel better. and perfume. sometimes it helps too. turn well soon.

Vivi disse...

Thank you, Mary.

I think I needed to sleep and eat. Seriously. *smiles*

I'll be back here soon. Promise!

Take care,